Lee Graphics
5849 Westview Drive                    Office: 713-526-8861   
Houston, Texas 77055                  Email: leegraphics@leegraphics.net


Services That Lee Graphics Offers




Lee Graphics offers on-site and bench repair for most HP, Canon, and Contex wide format devices. 


Lee Graphics offers on-site or over the phone support for most HP, Canon, and Contex wide format devices.

Delivery and Installation:


When purchasing a plotter or scanner, Lee Graphics will bring the product ready to go to you or your business.  We install, network, and provide user tutorials for all wide format devices that we sell.  The delivery and installation gives our customers peace of mind of a working product, and also not to have to deal with all of the mess of buying direct.

Please call or email us if you need help with your plotter or scanner, whether they are in need of repair, or if you just need some advice.

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